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The Firm of James E Blowers, CPA is a full-service CPA firm licensed in NY.


James E Blowers, CPA

My purpose is to help people to achieve their financial goals. I want you to have peace about your financial resources "to and through your retirement years."

I have been practicing as a CPA for over 30 years. In addition, I have been an owner of a business for 18 years. This has given me valuable experience, expertise, and perspective to counsel people about how to achieve their financial goals. I specialize in helping new and existing for-profit business owners to plan for their financial success. I then help them to monitor their progress towards their financial goals. This is important, because an owner's business is a significant cash flow generator that the owner needs to rely on in their retirement years. Please see our Services Page for more information about the services my Firm offers to business owners. Also, see our Firm Specialties, which shows the types of businesses for whom I have provided services.

I have used, installed, set up and taught clients and other accountants how to use QuickBooks software for over 30 years. In addition, I did the same for Sage Software's accounting programs and the Crystal Reports report-writer program for many years. Therefore, I have a strong working knowledge of how most accounting and report-writing software programs work, and I know how to work with vendors to extract the information that business owners need to monitor the progress of their business towards achieving their financial goals.

Being a husband and father of three children gives me additional experience to advise you and your family as you make decisions about your personal finances.

I understand that I serve people -- and I truly enjoy helping them to be at peace with their finances. It is a great feeling when someone thanks me and tells me that I have been integral to achieving their financial goals. That never gets old!

My ultimate purpose is to serve God and people. I have taught adult bible classes, served as an elder in a church, and have served as board member and Treasurer of the City Mission in Schenectady. When I am not serving at home or work, I look for opportunities to serve those who God puts in my path. I also enjoy sports.  I still enjoy tracking down a fly ball!

Donna Labuda

Donna joined the Firm during 2006. Prior to joining the Firm, Donna worked at a large insurance agency in their accounting department, gaining experience and expertise maintaining the books of multiple offices with each being a profit center. Donna has over 30 years of bookkeeping experience, and has developed the skills to provide quality accounting services to my clients.

Linda Blowers

I have the privilege of having my wife help with administrative duties part-time during the week. Prior to committing to raising our children (she really did a great job!), Linda handled similar responsibilities at Ellis Hospital.

The Office Suite Team

I share office space with other accounting firms. While we are not formally affiliated, we have known each other for many years, and we share expertise, personnel, and other high-end resources to serve our clients well. This enables my Firm to offer the breadth of a larger CPA firm, while being able to offer you the personal attention that a smaller firm can offer. We also have developed a trust and willingness to help each other's clients. If you want to drop off information or you have scheduled a pickup, please see Charlene if our office is closed.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you or your business, call Jim Blowers at (518) 344-6087, or email me at