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Firm Specialties and Industry Experience

Firm Specialties

Planning for Financial Success and Measuring Progress towards Financial Goals

My Firm specializes in helping all types of for-profit business owners to develop a strategic plan to achieve their financial goals; to quantify those plans with the client to see if it is realistic for them to achieve the goals; to document key assumptions and performance targets; and to help them measure their progress toward their goals. Click How we can help your business to see the benefits of proactively planning and effectively managing your business. Click on Useful accounting services to learn about the need for a good accounting system to provide the feedback owners need to effectively manage their business to achieve their profitability, cash flow, returns to owners, and value creation goals.

Dental Practice Consulting

We provide numerous consultng services to dental practices, from helping prospective dentists to decide whether to purchase ownership in a practice, to helping owners to monitor their progress in meeting industry specfic cost and profit goals, to helping owners decide whether to implement new strategies. Please see Dental Practice Consulting for more details.

Adapting QuickBooks to meet Specialized Needs

My Firm has significant experience working with QuickBooks, and we invest time and money to enhance this expertise. We often can find ways for smaller businesses to use QuickBooks to record transactions easily, and to provide useful financial reports to its owners. Click on Useful Financial Reports to see our definition of useful reports.

Example: We helped some homebuilder clients to set up a job cost system in QuickBooks that captures employee payroll, subcontractor and vendor costs by job. When the homebuilders finishes a job, we set up memorized input screens so the homebuilders can easily close the jobs in QuickBooks to report the sale price, cost and net profit for the job. We designed a report to show the contract revenue, costs and the gross profit for each job completed during any period requested. The report agrees to the amounts in the homebuilder's Profit Statement. And, even after the homebuilders close a job, they can still access the job sales, costs, and profit earned at a later date. Also, we showed the homebuilder how to use QuickBooks to show the Actual v. Estimated Costs. This helps the homebuilder to see where he needs to watch costs in future jobs.

Industries We Have Served

  • Dental practices
  • Distributors
  • Dry cleaning retailers
  • Gas stations/minimarts
  • Home Builders
  • Insurance agencies
  • Manufacturers
  • Map designers
  • Professional and consultant services
  • Rental properties

We have the contacts and technical resources to effectively service almost any for-profit, privately held business.