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  • DENTAL: HHS reporting requirements status at 2-18-21

  • Dental News: HHS revises Acceptable Uses of HHS Cash and reporting requirements

  • DENTAL: HHS reporting requirements status at 2-18-21

    If your dental practice received more than $10,000 from HHS, you must register at the HHS Provider Relief Fund website.  The web address to register is:  NOTE: Review the list of information you need before starting to register.  You must complete the registration in one session.

    HHS had plans to require you to report certain expense increases and revenue losses attributed to covid-19 by February 15.  HHS missed their own deadline!  We will post a blog when we hear HHS' progress with the reporting requirements.  For now, you can download HHS' latest Post-payment Notice of Reporting Requirements document to help you prepare for the data you need to report.  Click on my marked up 1-15-2021 HHS Notice copy with helpful notes.

    Jim Blowers | 02/18/2021