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Achieve Your Personal Financial Needs

My Firm's purpose is to help our clients to plan for and achieve their financial goals so that they have peace about their financial resources to and though their retirement years.

I am interested in serving personal clients who value more than just having me to prepare their income tax returns. I believe that my Firm's purpose applies with my client's personal issues as well. Here are the ways I help my clients with personal financial matters:

  1. I look at more than one year when preparing your tax returns. Maybe it is better to defer income or deductions so you do not save taxes at a low rate, and then pay more taxes at a higher rate in a future year.
  2. I look at opportunities for you to save for retirement or health costs, and save taxes.
  3. If you operate or have pass-through business investments, we understand how to report business incomes and deductions on your personal returns. Also, we know about avoiding the pitfalls from not treating business and personal transactions properly. Additionally, I consider the cash flow effects to you and your business when thinking about implementing strategies.
  4. I look to work with your financial advisor and others on your professional team, to coordinate strategies.
  5. I do not provide financial advice about specific investments. However, I can offer objective advice about the cash flow from financial suggestions you are considering -- including the effect of income taxes on those cash flows.
  6. Of course, we still care about preparing accurate income tax returns for you! To make sure you communicate all tax information we need to prepare accurate returns, we provide you with a tax organizer containing tax questions and requests for pertinent documentation. We also follow up with inquiries and suggestions about tax, retirement or other ideas before completing your returns. Please note that the Firm's minimum tax preparation charge to prepare your federal and NYS income tax returns and offer suggestions each year is $450.