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Achieve Your Financial Goals Through Your Business

The Firm's purpose is to help our clients to plan for and achieve their financial goals. We want you to have peace about your financial resources to and through their retirement years.

Your business probably has a huge impact on the current and future cash flow for you and your family. Part of helping you to have peace about your financial resources "to and through your retirement years" is to help you be able to operate a well-run, profitable business. The business that can show it operates profitably, avoid or plan for cash flow shortages, and which generates sufficient returns to owners will create value. Growing the value of your business should increase your future cash flow when you ultimately dispose of your ownership in the business.

Of course, we provide the usual services to a business that you would expect from a typical CPA firm. Click on bizservices to learn about the typical services we offer. But those services are only part of accomplishing our purpose of helping you to plan for and achieve your financial goals.

What else do we do to accomplish our purpose above for you as an owner of a privately - held business?

To help you and your business, my Firm believes we need to do more than to provide you with historical information when we complete a financial statement or income tax return.

We Help You to Take Charge of your Business

We encourage you to proactively plan for the financial success of your business, and to measure its progress towards achieving your financial goals. In his well-known book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey lists being proactive as one of the seven habits. We believe that you have a better chance of achieving your financial goals if you plan how to get there, and then measure your progress along the way.

Financial success is unique to each person or group of owners. We encourage you to think about the financial goals you want to achieve, and why you want to achieve them. Using your strategic plan, we can help you to quantify how you believe you can meet those goals by developing projections. We will also help you to identify and document key assumptions you use, and we will help you to develop performance targets. We believe quantifying and documenting your financial plans is important to a business because:

  • You can see whether your plan to achieve your financial goals is realistic and attainable before you commit your time and other resources.
  • You and your staff know the goals, and everyone can focus resources towards achieving the goals.
  • You and your staff can use the projections and the performance targets to measure the business's progress towards achieving the goals.
  • You should have a better chance of achieving your profitability, cash flow, returns to owners, and value creation goals.

Click on Why Plan and Manage Your Financial Success to learn more about our vision regarding planning for and managing towards financial success.

Click on USEFUL Accounting Services to learn more about how your business needs an effective accounting system that you can use to measure your performance -- and how we can help your business to do this.

We can help Existing Owners to see the Expected Effects of a Large Change in their Business to its Sales, Costs, Profits, and Cash flow

Perhaps you are thinking of expanding your plant, or purchasing a competitor. Or maybe you are thinking of creating a new source of revenue, or increasing labor costs to generate more revenue. For situations like these, we can help by preparing one or more projections showing the effect of the change to your sales, profits, and cash flows, given certain assumptions. We can even prepare multiple projections for best or worst case scenarios. We can even prepare monthly projections for the first year or two, to help you determine the slow cash flow months and plan working capital needs before they become surprises. To help keep these projections cost-effective, I utilize Planguru, a software predesigned to automatically create cash flows as I project the income and expenses, and certain changes to balance sheet accounts. Please click on [link] to learn more about the features of Planguru.

We can help Prospective Owners see the Sales, Costs, Profits and Cash flow from starting or purchasing a business

Interested in starting a business? I am surprised that in almost all cases, a potential owner has not put together a coherent Income and Expense or Cash flow reports before they decide whether to start or purchase a business. No wonder 4 out of 5 businesses fail! To really test your assumptions and facts, you should either prepare or have prepared the Income and Expense report, Cash flow report and even a Balance sheet (which helps to show whether the resulting assets and liabilities from the projection are realistic). I can help you to do that using my business experience, and using the Planguru software to prepare the projections efficiently.

We specialize in helping prospective dental owners decide whether they should purchase a practice

We Help Owners to Manage Cash Flow Needs and the Returns to Owners, to Create More Value. We help you focus on more than just sales and profits. We agree that focusing on sales and profit margins are probably the most important components to creating a successful business, and many small businesses stop there. But your business also needs to focus on other key issues, such as cash flow planning, providing sufficient returns to owners, and long-term value creation. Many years ago, I was involved with a business whose sales were growing at a 30%+ rate. However, they had to close their business because they did not adequately plan their cash flow needs. The business's lenders and vendors eventually pulled back their credit limits because the business repeatedly did not plan for cash flow shortages. See Managing Your Cash Flow, which explains the importance of managing your cash, and how we can help you manage your cash flow.

You can also monitor the creation of value in your business. If you focus on achieving your targets for costs, profitability, cash flow, and returns to owners, the value of your business should grow. If your business is capital intensive, it will also be important to measure how efficiently the business uses assets to create profits by calculating your return on assets. Also, you can calculate the business's return on investments to measure how effectively you utilize assets and debt. A profitable, well-run business that generates more cash from operations creates more value -- and therefore more cash for you when you decide to dispose of your interest in the business. This is key, because the value of your business is probably one of the largest sources of cash that you will rely on during your retirement years.

Effectively Manage Your Business's Income Tax Costs -- one of your largest costs

We look at ourselves as co-managers of your income tax costs. Tax costs erase a large part of your net profits each year. Click on Managing your Tax Costs to see that income taxes are one of your largest expenses. Left unplanned, income taxes can cripple your cash flow if you do not retain someone to help you to manage your tax costs.

Part-Time CFO-Accountant Services

See our CFO Services page for more information about how we can jump start your plans for your business's financial success. Or perhaps we can jump start your business's accounting and financial reporting system, so you receive useful information to monitor the progress towards your targets. Perhaps we can fill in when your accounting position is vacant, to keep your business's finances running smoothly and effectively. We can complete certain accounting projects for which your staff does not have the time or the expertise to complete. We can even complete tasks that your independent CPA firm cannot complete without losing the independence they need to issue certain CPA reports.


Hopefully you can see ways in which we can provide unique perspectives and services to help you and your business achieve your financial goals. If you would like to learn more about how we may be able to help you or your business, please call Jim Blowers at (518) 344-6087, or you can email me at We look forward to hearing from you.